~~~Our History~~~

The Springfield Community Chorus...


has been making music throughout the greater Springfield area for over 50 years.  Their repertoire ranges from the the earliest madrigals of the 16th century through to the modern Broadway stage...and everything in between!  Over the years, the chorus has captivated audiences with their performances of major works from the choral repertoire, such as Mendelssohn's Elijah, Vivaldi's Gloria, Brahms' German Requiem, John Rutter's Gloria, Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, the Saint-Säens' Christmas Oratorio, Mozart's Requiem in d minor, and, most recently, Haydn's The Creation.  The chorus has also performed with the Vermont Symphony!  In 2015, twenty-five members of the chorus joined other choristers at Carnegie Hall to sing Mozart's Requiem in d minor!


   In 2007, Estelle Goding, a chorus historian, wrote the History of the Chorus, included in the program for the 40th Anniversary Concert.  She recalled the beginnings of the chorus:


    In 1967 as the seasonal ecumenical choir for the annual Palm Sunday concert was dispersing, Some of the singers remarked to that year's conductor that the experience had been enjoyable.  They wondered if they could possibly continue to sing together.  Others reflected the same feelings, and after minimal discussion and a quick question to Victoria Lemay, the director, "Would you direct?" , the ongoing Springfield Community Chorus was born.


   In autumn of 1967, rehearsals for an organized and continuing chorus commenced.  The chorus started with simple 4-part songs of non-religious nature and sang for small groups and clubs.  Moving on to more complex music, they gave an annual Spring concert.  Later, as their library and expertise grew, a Christmas concert was given each year; sometimes repeated in nearby towns as well as in Springfield.  The chorus has been featured with the Vermont Symphony several times which Victoria had the honor of conducting.


    Victoria Lemay directed the chorus for 20 years.  She was succeeded by Deirdre Hiltsley, who directed the chorus for 19 years.  Candace Montesi directed the chorus for the next 5 years.


   In 2011, Ken Olsson assumed the directorship of the Springfield Community Chorus. The ensemble has grown both in size and sound!  Ken's aggressive programming has challenged the chorus to sing better and more confidently.  The chorus is certainly stepping up to the plate!  Under Ken's direction, the chorus has presented performances of major works, including Vivaldi's Gloria, Mozart's Requiem in d minor, and Haydn's The Creation, to audience acclaim.


    The mission of the chorus remains to present a variety of choral literature to the widest possible audience.  As a result, the Springfield Community Chorus presents an "away" concert, to such locations as Chester, Ludlow, and Grafton, and a "home" concert in Springfield.




Major Works performed under Ken Olsson's direction


*Gloria (Antonio Vivaldi)                December 2011

*Requiem (W.A. Mozart)                 May 2013

*The Creation (Joseph Haydn)        June 2015


    *performances were accompanied by an orchestra funded in part by a generous grant from The Choral Arts Foundation of the Upper Valley.